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Episode 269

June 21, 2021

Founder marketing: Hiring a media creator

The important role of an in-house media creator (or content creator) to a brand, especially in the software space, has been a topic weighing on my mind for a while. In today’s episode, I break down a few clips from a recent episode of Bootstrapped Web, where hosts Brian & Joran discuss their challenge of filling this role. I refer to this as Founder Marketing. When a young company is hiring for this role, it’s a responsibility that can’t be left to the fundamental content creation tasks. A capable candidate must be able to channel their inner founder in order to create content that resonates across: sales, marketing, product, and support.



Episode 268

June 15, 2021

Mindful School Marketing: Finding a great podcast co-host

Forming a successful partnership in business might be the most powerful, yet, most challenging things to do right. This goes beyond simply linking to each others business or handing over the occasional customer referral. I’m talking about two (or more) partners both handling responsibilities and working towards a shared goal for the overall mission. Tara Claeys, founder of Design TLC, has a certain knack for this stuff. She co-hosted the WordPress podcast Hallway Tracks along side Liam Dempsey and is now laying down the roots with a new partner in podcasting, Aubrey Bursch.



Episode 267

June 8, 2021

Lindsay Halsey on building Pathfinder SEO

There’s a fine balance between optimizing your services for profits and providing satisfactory value for the money you charge your customers. Let me frame that for you: A high-touch, white glove services business is people + time intensive. If you own a boutique agency, you’re aware of the time and money you invest on all of processes around building a website. It’s hard to prove value for, too. And if you’re launching something like a done-for-you service, chances are there’s less customer interaction + hand holding, but at a price point that reflects the value.



Episode 266

May 31, 2021

Brian Jackson: From marketing Kinsta to building a plugin business

Today’s guest used to sit on the opposite sides of the WordPress hosting competition table from me. At one point in his career, he was pumping out content on Kinsta’s blog like an absolute machine while I was raging against that machine, selling would-be customers on Pagely’s hosting stack. So where is Brian Jackson, former marketer at Kinsta now? He co-found Forgemedia with his brother Brett, and have released 3 unique plugins, two of which help WordPress site owners optimize their sites for ranking and social sharing. Oh, they tossed a coupon plugin in there too to help affiliates increase sales for good measure.



Episode 265

May 23, 2021

Launching ZipMessage w/ Brian Casel

It took me a while to draw out what I wanted to say in today’s monologue about our guest. This will be his 6th appearance on the show. With this episode, we’ve covered 4 different SaaS based businesses, with a handful of digital products and one service-based business that’s still running, of which, I’ve never fully interviewed him about. I really should since it’s the cashflow center he has to fund all of these business experiments he’s chasing. His name is Brian Casel and he’s trying something new, it’s called ZipMessage. It’s an asynch way to share videos with customers & colleagues. Out of everything he’s worked on, I think this will be the software project that defines his career in the software business.



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